Where does "log-queries-after" writes to?

As per the documentation in:

I’ve setup the parameter “log-queries-after” to some value so that I’ll be able to see which queries are running slowly.

However, …, I’m now absolutely clueless as to where those slow queries are logged to…

Where does “log-queries-after” writes to?

@paulo It will write to the logs. The default position for those is /var/log/influxdb/influxdb.log. However on systems that use systemd (most modern linux distributions) those logs are output to journalctl. You should be able to view the InfluxDB logs with journalctl -u influxdb

Thanks for that.

Looking at those logs with journalctl -u influxdb, I have it setup as:

log-queries-after = "55s"

However, I’m seeing logs like these:

May 09 05:05:54 PerfTeam-InfluxDB influxd[37442]: [httpd] - - [09/May/2017:05:05:54 +0100] "POST /write?consistency=any&db=PerfMon HTTP/1.1" 204 0 "-" "-" cc009ce3-346c-11e7-9f83-000000000000 24550

Isn’t that reporting a response time to the /write of 24.550 seconds? That’s way below 55s…

Are those numbers to be trusted? I’m seeing heeeeaps of those, reporting 12000~50000 ms of write time, usually at a frequency of 1 to 5 every second. However, the _internal Database is reporting httpd as averaging 1.5 writes per second and averaging 50~100 ms of response times. Doesn’t appear to match up…?

@paulo Thats 24550ns on the write. Those logs are coming from the http logging. To disable them set [http] log-enabled = false.