What is the maximum string size for a field value?

The latest documentation I saw indicated the maximum string size for a field value was 64KB. Is this still the case? Is it configurable?

@Drew Thank you for moving your question over! I’m pretty sure it is still 64KB. What are you looking to store?

@Drew You can actually store strings of any size as field values. The 65k limit is for series keys. One of our engineers was able to store golang binaries in there so there really isn’t a limit. Performance might be an issue there however.

Nice! We have a use case for storing binaries. I understand performance probably won’t be optimal for this case. I think the documentation says that all the data points need to be in memory. Does this include all of the field values?

@Drew For returning queries the data will need to be pulled up into memory. But the only in memory part of the db at rest is the series index.

Great! Thanks for your help.

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This might be a very old post but I want some clarification on the latest state. From the documentation I see the limit is 64k for all types of strings – InfluxDB line protocol reference | InfluxDB OSS 1.7 Documentation

I have the same String as a tag value and as a field value. What I observe is the write to tag fails with below message
“max key length exceeded: 715919 > 65535”
whereas the filed doesn’t get written to the DB neither throws any error.

However @jackzampolin mentions here that there is no limit on the field length. Please clarify if my understanding is right.

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We had a use case where we had to store different types of data in a TSDB and we could use InfluxDB along with MinIO, but at the end it was easier to use ReductStore.