Very rare values from weather station


I’m pretty new to influx, although I already fell in love with it.
One of my biggest issues is, that i gather values via MQTT, where I sometimes get a value every x Minutes or even x days like “rain”.

Is there a way to say, if you habe no value in the requested time range for the topic, take the last known value.

Hello @bausi2k,
I’m glad you like InfluxDB that’s so good to hear, thanks for sharing. Apologies for the delay, sometimes messages get buried.
You could use the execd processor plugin for this (basically it just makes telegraf extensible in the language of your choice).

Or you could use Flux and a task to fill values with the last value fill() function | Flux 0.x Documentation.
Get started with InfluxDB tasks | InfluxDB Cloud Documentation
Please let me know if you need more info on any of the above topics.

Thx for the hint, operantly if there is no value in the requested range, this doesn’t work, because you can’t fill anything for nothing :slight_smile: