Validating Plugin Chains Before Version Update

Hey everyone,

I’m updating Telegraf version in the productive environment and need to verify if the new one will work with my current plugin chain and configuration without issues before going live. Any known methods or tools for this? Your insights would be super helpful!


Hello @octo-dev,
I’m not sure. But what plugins are you using? You can always create a second config with a new telegraf instance and point it to your testing env to verify.

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@octo-dev you can also run telegraf with the --test command-line flag. This will collect the data but will not send it to any output. Instead, it will output the data to the console for inspection. In case you are using service plugins (e.g. MQTT consumer) --test will not work. In this case I recommend commenting all outputs and add a file output for you to inspect the generated data before messing up any data-sink… :slight_smile:

As octo-dev mentioned: When it comes to using telegraf in industrial productive environment, one can not easily doing manual tests in the shop floor.

The question here is: Is anyone aware of a public telegraf testing framework or tool out there which allows for testing own individual plugin chains and telegraf.exe version combinations?