Using Kapacitor to push the data to influxdb

I want to use kapacitor to run stream/batch task and push the data back to influxdb. As per as documentation, Flux support is only there for alerting. Is there a way, to execute stream/batch task in flux and push data back to influxdb. Confused with the documentation.


Hello @Pratik_Das_Baghel,
Yes absolutely you can execute batch task with flux.
You can’t execute stream batch with flux.
Official documentation:

Time to awesome book:

Are you asking about kapacitor because that’s what you’re familiar with? If so I recommend checking out the following blog post:

Please let me know which resource you find the most helpful or if you have any more specific questions.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Will check that option out.

I was having one query here - Flux query help : function calls.

Can you help me with that.


Hi, actually on this the documentation says that you will able to only use Flux notification endpoints which i am not able to find. Is email support available and if not then does that mean i would have to use influxql. Is there something i am missing?


Hello @Pratik_Das_Baghel,
Yes you can send an alert to email.
Please take a look at:

Here is the complete list of notification endpoints:

I can’t find the docs page but I’ll include that as well when I find it.