Use influxd remotely


I have instances of InfluxDB v2 on my local PC and on online Linux servers. With ‘influx config create’ I can create connections to the individual databases from my development computer and thus “remotely” create backups of one (remote) database and upload them to another (remote) database.

Does this also work somehow with “influxd inspect export-lp”? How can I run this command from my development computer on an online database to get an *.lp file?
Here I have to use influxd and not just influx as with “backup” or “restore”.

Thanks for your answer!

@dataforge influxd is the actual InfluxDB daemon and is architected to only manage the InfluxDB process running in the local context. The only way you would be able to run this command on a remote InfluxDB server is by SSH’ing into the server and running the command in that context, and then copying the generated line protocol down to your local machine.

influx backup would run remotely, but backups aren’t line protocol, so that probably doesn’t help you much.