Uptime / Availability Monitor

Hi, I want to display availability % information about a http website. How should I collect the data?

I’m using telegraf, http_response plugin but how can I display the percentage of availability over a time.

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Well, you say you are using an http_response plugin, so I think you have
answered your own first question about how to collect the data.

In terms of how to display the percentage available over a period of time, I
would say:

a) have you considered Grafana?

b) do you already use some other visualisation tool for displaying data in


Yes, I’m using grafana but I couldn’t figure out a good query to display a percentage.

Hi Mert

while browsing the community I’ve found this, maybe it can help you

Hi Giovanni, ty.

I’ve used a similar query for servers but when it comes to urls. There is no metric similar to uptime. When servers are down the uptime metric becomes null since no data returned from the servers. However, when websites return 500 error, they still send data (response_time isn’t null).

I’ve solved the problem using prometheus blackbox exporter. I’m sure there is a good solution in influx yet I couldn’t figure out.