Understanding the HTTPD endpoint in InfluxDB

Hi all,

Just wondering if you have any documentation that describes the properties shown in the influxdb httpd debug endpoint:

httpd::8086: {
  name: "httpd",
  tags: {
    bind: ":8086"
  values: {
    authFail: 0,
    clientError: 25537,
    pingReq: 3,
    pointsWrittenDropped: 0,
    pointsWrittenFail: 0,
    pointsWrittenOK: 19931463,
    queryReq: 48292,
    queryReqDurationNs: 15849208417279,
    queryRespBytes: 175582186,
    req: 20005297,
    reqActive: 3,
    reqDurationNs: 605651324982710,
    serverError: 0,
    statusReq: 0,
    writeReq: 19956997,
    writeReqActive: 2,
    writeReqBytes: 3685807169,
    writeReqDurationNs: 579776193458526

I’m trying to understand the metrics shown by the endpoint to monitor for failure. For example, I’m getting clientError: 25537 but I’m not seeing any points dropped or data write fails. What does the clientError property means and where should I look to see if HTTPD endpoint is having failures?



Have you looked in your Chronograf instance in the _internal.monitor database under the httpd tag? There you can actually monitor, in real-time, the write-fails, etc.


New to the InfluxData documentation is a listing of the _internal measurement statistics and descriptions. See http://docs.influxdata.com/platform/monitoring/tools/measurements-internal/.

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