Understanding Continuous Queries

Scenario: If a measurement has a retention policy of one year and if I want to execute a CQ with a group by time(365d), when does the CQ execute?

I have read that CQ’s execute on data between now() and now - group by time. In the above scenario does that mean there will be no data to execute


CQs execute at the same interval as the cq_query ’s GROUP BY time() interval, and they run at the start of InfluxDB’s preset time boundaries

what does this mean? I am trying to wrap my head around it but it’s getting harder for me to understand. What are preset time boundaries? Does that mean they run once for every 365d as in scenario or at preset time boundaries ?

Can anyone help me understand CQ’s? BUMP !

Can anyone help me understand CQ’s? BUMP !

Hi @naveenrt23! InfluxDB uses preset epoch time boundaries. You can find more information about how they work here: TL;DR InfluxDB Tech Tips - CQs & Weeks, SHOW FIELD KEYS & Field Type Discrepancies, & Local Configuration Settings & v1.1 | InfluxData