Unable to View INFLUXDB Log's


Hi all, im running influxdb 1.0 through docker container and in the docker run command i’ve specifically mentioned to write logs to -v /mnt/influxdb/log:/var/log/influxdb but i dont see any influxdb logs.

Please help do i need to give any rw permissions or how do i fix that?


@Praphooldhole In docker the process is running in the foreground and the logs are output to stdout. Can you see the logs with docker logs influxdb?


Yes i see something like this [httpd] - - [30/May/2017:17:53:11 +0000] “POST /write?consistency=any&db=CassiniDB&precision=ns&rp= HTTP/1.1” 204 0 “-” “InfluxDBClient” d8be0720-4560-11e7-8184-000000000000 2393
[httpd] - - [30/May/2017:17:53:21 +0000] “POST /write?consistency=any&db=CassiniDB&precision=ns&rp= HTTP/1.1” 204 0 “-” “InfluxDBClient” deb3e105-4560-11e7-8185-000000000000 2442
[I] 2017-05-30T17:53:21Z retention policy shard deletion check commencing service=retention

is that how it is supposed to be?


@Praphooldhole Yup! That is intended behavior.


Awesome you guys are!!!