Unable to start pod (helm, k8s, influxdb 1.8.6)

I’ve moved my PVC from one storage provider to another, now the influxdb-0 pod dies after about 30 seconds, without any useful information. Switching back to the old PVC exhibits the same behaviour. I can’t seem to be able to enable debug logging.


    auth-enabled: true
    flux-enabled: true
    level: debug

    value: debug

  enabled: true
  hostname: influxdb.app.example.net
    kubernetes.io/ingress.class: traefik

  existingClaim: influxdb-data-influxdb

Installed via helm -n influx upgrade --install influxdb -f influxdb-values.yaml influxdata/influxdb. It shows as

$ helm list -n influx
influxdb    	influx   	2       	2022-02-10 08:31:59.591753 +0100 CET 	deployed	influxdb-4.10.4   	1.8.6      

The only log output I’m getting:

$ kubectl -n influx logs -f influxdb-0                                                 
ts=2022-02-10T07:31:53.704079Z lvl=info msg="InfluxDB starting" log_id=0Z_d_Ov0000 version=1.8.6 branch=1.8 commit=v1.8.6
ts=2022-02-10T07:31:53.705157Z lvl=info msg="Go runtime" log_id=0Z_d_Ov0000 version=go1.13.8 maxprocs=2

The pod exits with error code 2; I’ve tried to search for what that might mean, but couldn’t find anything.

Any idea what would prohibit influxdb from starting up? How can I get any information to try and diagnose this?

It sounds similar to this this issue which doesn’t have a resolution, unfortunately.

I’ve rebooted the cluster, and that made the pod come up again. I would still like to understand what the issue was, and how I can enable more informative logging for the pod.