UDP timestamp precision



Is there a way to specify timestamp precision for UDP writes? Currently we only need millisecond precision. And, as a side effect it would fix a client-side issue with python’s strptime() parser which doesn’t like nanoseconds.

Having read the documentation and some forum/github posts I tried setting the udp/precision attribute in /etc/linuxdb/influxdb.conf to ms:

    precision = "ms"

However, this broke influxd and it would no longer accept writes of any kind until I took out the precision setting. The documentation is unclear about this.

Any authoritative help would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize in advance if this has already been answered before (I couldn’t find it).


  • Claude

P.S. This is Influxdb v1.4 on Linux


Hi that works in 1.7.4 on linux , best regards
( I haven’t tried in 1.4 )