Transform multiple tables into just one


I generated my first query using the InfluxDB panel. The query has only a few filters and groupings.
I am viewing the results through the Table mode and I realized that the query generated 5 different tables.

I would like to transform these tables into one, added to the values ​​of the “_value” field. How can I do this? Thanks.

@kadoo, I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “added to the values ​​of the “_value” field,” but to combine all points into a single table, you just ungroup the data (or group by no columns):

  |> group(columns: [])

Side note, [] is the default value for group's columns parameter, so you can also just do:

  |> group()

I tried doing that but since my tables contain different information, the first one contains strings as values , the second one floats it gives me an error ```
schema collision: cannot group string and float types together

Is there a way to group the result of two tables into one with having different value types.