To set alerts, I can't choose the "check" when setting the notification rule


I try to setup alerts with a push notification to slack.
Following this video: Nate & Deniz [InfluxData] | Monitoring & Alerting with InfluxDB 2.0 | InfluxDays SF 2019 - YouTube
The whole thing works in 3 steps: create checks, create notification endpoints and finally create notification rules. I like this setup a lot! it provides all the options I would like to have.
I got it to work via the webinterface, although sometimes it fails and shows only an orange triangle warning without message.
Deleting and recreating the check or notify rule helps in those cases.

My question is this:

When creating the “notification rule” there is no option to choose which “check” to base the rule on.
since I have several “checks” I do need to choose.
Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,

Hello @kkoen,
Absolutely, you can set a condition to scope your notification rule to a particular check:

To gain a complete understanding of how the C + N system works in InfluxDB, please consider taking a look at:

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Thank you , this is exactly what I was looking for!