Timestamps rounded after insert

Hello everyone,
I’m just starting with influxdb. I did my first test inserting 30 data points via a line protocol file. I used 1s precision timestamps and found them rounded up to the next full hour ind the DB, all of them.
Any suggestion about my mistake very welcome.


Please give us an example of the exact data format you used.


Ah, sorry…

Gewicht,Tageszeit=morgens gewicht=73.1 1619332210
Gewicht,Tageszeit=abends gewicht=75.1 1619379010
Gewicht,Tageszeit=morgens gewicht=73.1 1619418610
# abends
Gewicht,Tageszeit=morgens gewicht=73.3 1619505010
Gewicht,Tageszeit=abends gewicht=73.6 1619555400
Gewicht,Tageszeit=morgens gewicht=72.0 1619593200
Gewicht,Tageszeit=abends gewicht=74.5 1619638210
Gewicht,Tageszeit=morgens gewicht=72.9 1619679600
Gewicht,Tageszeit=abends gewicht=74.9 1619724610

That’s the top of the file.


If you are using the UI Data Explorer to review your data, all of the values are being windowed by default. The times will be different then what you expect. Go into the script editor and remove the aggregation line from the script. Your raw data will then be visible and hopefully you will see the times that you expect.

Thank you,
removing the aggregation line does the trick.

In the explore window in the UI is a ‘view raw data’ switch. And this didn’t give me the exact time stamps, when first tried. That puzzled me.

Thanks for your help, dcaho