Time Filter InfluxQL


I want to look for day time only. Is there a way to query WHERE time between 06:00 18:00 and WHERE day is a week day.

Hello @Mert,
You can do so easily with flux. Please see the documentation here. Otherwise, you might be interested in using the date processor plugin to add tags with the days of the week to your data.

I’m using grafana mainly. Can I use Flux in Grafana with Influx 1.7?

looks like you can. Here’s the plugin.

Well, the page says it’s for grafana 1.7.4+ and 2.0 is not supported but in grafana it want me to configure like influxdb 2.0.

I don’t have organization, bucket or token.

I’m not a grafana user, but have you tried turning off basic auth? Perhaps this is more of a question for the grafana community?