Thingsboard CE data sending to influxdb

Hi everybody i want to send received values in thingsboard server to influxdb server anybody know how to do this scenario, please guide me with an example to solve this problem, regards

Hello @Werta,
Hmm I’m not sure. I’m not that familiar with thingsboard.
But it looks like you could use the Rest Connector Configuration to send data to InfluxDB with the InfluxDB API:

Let me know if that helps or where I can help more.

What sort of IoT project are you working on? Learning about what users are doing with InfluxDB keeps me motivated. Thanks! I hope you have a good day.

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Hi dear @anaisdg thank for your helps, i have 2 esp32 node that first node sends sensor parameters such as temperature humidity gas and etc in json standard via lora module to another node about 2km far, the second node received json and parse then sends parsed data to my thingsboard platform via Internet, in my server i installed thingsboard platform on Ubuntu 20.04, when i searched for time series database i found influxdb then i installed infulxdb on this server and then i installed grafana on this server all of this services starts and works without any conflict,but i don’t know and i haven’t any more information about this services, can you read thingsboard documents about rest api and give me a example rest api codes for how i can make a way between influxdb and thingsboard to read values from thingsboard and record values to influxdb or if this way is difficult how i can send parsed data from my receiver node to influxd directly, can you help me to solve this issue, regards

Does this help?

Thanks dear @Anaisdg when i want to send values in normal mode that’s mean send data from sensor node to influxdb directly that’s work but my plan is another and my sensor node can’t send data to influxdb directly in fact, because there are no Internet access and only the gateway node are connected to Internet. I should be able to send data from gateway node to influxdb or thingsboard platform to influxdb.regards

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