Thin out measurements in bucket after retention period

I want to thin out the measurements in a bucket after a year. The measurements are now second based. I want to thin out these measurements to 5 min average measurements and place all these measurements in a new bucket that will be stored forever.
Is this possible and can this automatically be handled?

Hello @Robin_Gerritsen,
I’m assuming you’re using 2.x. Then you could create a downsampling task to think out these measurements after they’re a year old.

Let me know if you’d like me to send any resource.

Hi, sorry I didn’t reply to your response.
I totally forgot to downsample my data. And today I got reminded by my Raspberry because it ran out of storage. Now I need to get rid of an error before I can create a task to downsample the data :sweat_smile:
The error message right now when I want to put some data in the database: “HttpError: unexpected error writing points to database: opening shard previously failed with: [shard 172] unexpected end of JSON input”