There are no logs in InfluxDB 2.1

I do a migration from InfluxDB 1.8 to InfluxDB 2.1. And I use dockers.
And unfortunately I don’t have logs in docker with InfluxDB 2.1. But I do have logs in docker InfluxDB 1.8.
I see logs in terminal when I start the docker with InfluxDB 2.1. But I can’t find a file, where Influx stores it. For example, /var/log/influxdb2.

Maybe I need to set a variable (a path) in some configuration? Because I see documentation how to do this for version 1.8, but can’t find it for 2.1 version. Only how to create config file, but no info how to set log file path.

Someone knows how to do this?

You need to set an environment variable with the value of the path to the configuration file. Currently the documentation is wrong and says you need to set the value to the directory the file is in.

The variable is “INFLUXD_CONFIG_PATH”.

Mine is set to “INFLUXD_CONFIG_PATH=/etc/influxdb/config.toml”

Yes, I set this env variable, as I said in the topic. And htis path for config file not for logs.

but what option for log-path I should add in this config file?

same thing here with influxdb 2.1.1. Even after setting log-level to debug, there isn’t anything after systemd[1]: Started InfluxDB is an open-source, distributed, time series database.