The planning issues regarding data structures

My native language is not English, so please forgive any lack of fluency.

We want to have multiple associated data for the same value.

currently have planned two types of structures

Type A:
Please pay attention to typetag , which may have various categories (1 to 10), each independently treated as a separate data entry. Multiple entries of data may exist for the same value.

Type B:
By incorporating additional corresponding tags into the data, each with categories ranging from cat(1 to 10).

Query Result:
We need to obtain query results that reflect this structure.

The key point of the query result is that when a user selects cat1, cat4, and cat8, it needs to display all related categories, including cat1, cat4, cat5, cat8, cat9, and cat10.

We have conducted some tests, but I won’t delve into them here. Our main concern is whether Type A and Type B represent the correct data structure design for InfluxDB, and if there are better alternatives.

Thanks in Advance.