The Flux behind notification rules

Hey there!

I enjoyed reading the blog entry on the InfluxDB’s Checks and Notifications System (InfluxDB's Checks and Notifications System | InfluxData).

I believe I spotted a small error (or I misunderstood something and would be happy for an explanation :slight_smile: )

The flux code for the notification rules contains the following section:

statuses = monitor["from"](start: -10s, fn: (r) = r["_check_name"] == "CPU Check")
crit = statuses 
       |> filter(fn: (r) => r["_level"] == "crit")
all_statuses = crit 
       |> filter(fn: (r) => (r["_time"] >= experimental["subDuration"](from: now(), d: 10m)))

The statuses contain the last 10 seconds (start: -10s) only.
However, later on all_statuses contains a filter that removes all entries that are older than 10 minutes. Also the task itself is scheduled every 10 minutes.

Shouldn’t the statuses contain the last 10 minutes (start: -10m) instead? Else one might miss events that happend within the first 600-10=590 seconds?

Thanks already for any reply!


Hello @Johannes,
Yes thank you!
I appreciate your correction.
I hope you have a great day.