Telegraf support for solaris x86 & sparc

Hello, looking to install telegraf on both solx86 and solaris sparc. Could someone point me to some legit doc/download site? Thank you

anyone running telegraf on solaris without issues?

We don’t have any official Solaris builds, but it’s possible to compile it successfully for solaris/amd64, though I’ve never ran it. You need to make some source changes though, in particular remove the docker, docker_log, and ecs plugins from plugins/inputs/all/all.go. Keep an eye on telegraf #407 for updates.

Sadly, Solaris sparc is definitely out of the question for now, since Go doesn’t support it yet.

Thanks for the info.

Another question installing telegraf on linux distros. Looks like by default the installer creates the ‘telegraf’ user and runs telegraf under that user. Does this user have all the permissions or should we run telegraf as root?

The telegraf user does not have any special privileges, and depending on your system and plugins it is possible you might need to run as root. Usually running as root should be your last option, it is always best to follow the principle of least privilege.