Telegraf stops logging after logfile is recreated

Running Telegraf 1.6 on Redhat Linux, using the logparser plugin.
Every night certain logfiles are renamed and new logs created (e.g. mv event.log event.log-2018-03-12; touch event.log)
Our telegraf is watching these logs, and when they get renamed, telegraf stops collecting updates - maybe telegraf is holding on the the file handle… I have tried watch_method = poll AND inotify.
Note that on rare occasions, the logging continues. Any clues on what is happening and/or how to resolve the problem?
This version has the problem:
Telegraf v1.6.0~aa2f9d7 (git: derrley/2099-GCP-Stackdriver aa2f9d7)
This version works fine (using pull):
Telegraf v1.5.1 (git: release-1.5 0605af7c)