Telegraf SNMP Plugin: OID not increasing

I’m using the Telegraf (v1.5.2) SNMP plugin to try and connect to an SNMP agent in order to store CPU and Interface utilisation metrics in an InfluxDB. However, I am seeing the following error when starting telegraf (Agent IP removed):

Feb 23 14:17:10 telegraf[1616]: 2018-02-23T14:17:10Z E! Error in plugin [inputs.snmp]: agent x.x.x.x: gathering table hosts: performing bulk walk for field hrProcessorLoad: OID not increasing: .

This is the configuration I have for the snmp plugin (IP’s and passwords removed):

   agents = [ "x.x.x.x" ]
   timeout = "10s"
   retries = 3
   version = 3
   community = "public"

   sec_name = "xxx"
   auth_protocol = "SHA"      # Values: "MD5", "SHA", ""
   auth_password = "xxx"
   #sec_level = "authNoPriv"   # Values: "noAuthNoPriv", "authNoPriv", "authPriv"
   #context_name = ""
   priv_protocol = "AES"         # Values: "DES", "AES", ""
   priv_password = "xxx"

   name = "cpu"

     name = "sysName"
     oid = "SNMPv2-MIB::sysName"
     is_tag = true
     name = "hrDeviceDescr"
     oid = "HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrDeviceDescr"
     is_tag = true

     name = "hosts"
     inherit_tags = [ "hrDeviceDescr" ]

       name = "hrProcessorLoad"
       oid = "HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrProcessorTable"
       is_tag = true

Has anyone seen this before or know what could be causing it? I know that there are ‘counters’ and ‘gauges’ when it comes to SNMP, and it seems like it is treating this as a counter (just a guess though). Any help would be appreciated.