Telegraf shows "was that a table" for an OID that is a table

Im trying to collect all the stats in a SNMP table. I used Observium to find the OID of the table which is: . but for some reason I get Was that a table? error.

My config looks like this:

`## Add fields and tables defining the variables you wish to collect.
  oid = "."
##  name = "connUnitPortStatTable"`
2023-10-05T17:22:08Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.22.1
2023-10-05T17:22:08Z I! Loaded inputs: snmp (2x)
2023-10-05T17:22:08Z I! Loaded aggregators: 
2023-10-05T17:22:08Z I! Loaded processors: enum starlark
2023-10-05T17:22:08Z I! Loaded outputs: file http
2023-10-05T17:22:08Z I! Tags enabled: host=gce-p-ronin-infra-mon telegraf_collector=gce-p-ronin-infra-mon
2023-10-05T17:22:08Z D! [agent] Initializing plugins
2023-10-05T17:22:08Z D! [inputs.snmp] executing "snmptranslate" "-Td" "-Ob" "-m" "all" "."
2023-10-05T17:22:08Z D! [inputs.snmp] executing "snmptranslate" "-Td" "SNMPv2-SMI::experimental.94.4.1"
2023-10-05T17:22:08Z D! [inputs.snmp] executing "snmptable" "-Ch" "-Cl" "-c" "public" "" "SNMPv2-SMI::experimental.94.4"
2023-10-05T17:22:08Z E! [telegraf] Error running agent: could not initialize input inputs.snmp: initializing table : getting table columns: Was that a table? SNMPv2-SMI::experimental.94.4: exit status 1

It doesn’t recognise it as a table because it didn’t find any MIBs that describe this OID as being a table.

So there are 2 options:

  1. Leave out the table OID and manually add the table fields in telegraf config
  2. Add the MIBs describing this OID/table.

PS. I would also start using the non-deprecated gosmi snmp_translator.