Telegraf release dates


I contributed to Telegraf an output plugin. It was reviewed and approved. We plan to use it heavily and wonder how long it usually takes to merge and release a plugin? Is there a way to track what PRs will include the next release or to the merged dates to an approved PR?

Thank you,

The pull requests that we are planning to work on before the next release are marked with a milestone, though releases are made more by time than by feature and if we don’t finish a PR we will generally bump it to the next release. Right now both @glinton and I are reviewing new plugins, so we will merge once we have both had a chance to look at the PR in depth. We also prioritize work on new bugs and small enhancements before adding new plugins. To make it all more confusing sometimes if a plugin comes in and we think it won’t be very much work, we will try to add it in too.