Telegraf output http


Just getting started with influx and telegraf. I have everything working correctly, and my telegraf agent is correctly sending metrics directing to my influx database. All good!

I would now like to try send the telegraf output via a curl post to a http(s) endpoint, but I couldn’t see any output plugins that could handle this. Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for the help!

We have a HTTP plugin in the works on github, but it’s not in Telegraf yet.

Thanks for the response @daniel. I see that this PR has been alive for a long time. Unfortunately I don’t have any go experience at all, so how can I help getting this PR integrated into telegraf?

Outside of completing the work, the best you can probably do is give the issue a :+1: on github up to show interest.

@daniel - how much more work do you think is involved?