Telegraf not properly collecting AWS Cloud watch Metrics

I’ve been banging my head with this problem all week, what am trying to do here is gather all of the metrics from AWS Cloudwatch and then push the data to InfluxDB however when running Telegraf I immediately get this buffer fullness error. InfluxDB and Telegraf are running on the same server and when I enter show databases and show measurements for the generated telegraf database it doesn’t show anything.

Here’s a link to my config files, am running Ubuntu

Help would be greatly appreciated on this.
Thank you.

The messages about buffer fullness is just a debug message, it is just letting you know that the buffer is empty and contains 0 out of 10000 metrics. I suspect you are not getting any Cloudwatch metrics because you have specified the metric name but don’t have the dimensions that go along with it.

You may want to check out this issue for more info about configuring dimensions.