Telegraf mqtt_consumer topics with different types, how to skip some special topics from OpenDTU?

I´m using OpenDTU with MQTT and want to write all data to influxdb.
The configuration I´m using I found here.

  name_override = "openDTU"
  servers = ["tcp://mosquitto:1883"]
  topics = ["solar/#"]
  data_format = "value"
  data_type = "float"
  tagexclude = ["host","topic"]
    topic = "solar/+/+/+"
    tags = "_/name/channel/field"
    topic = "solar/+/+"
    tags = "_/name/field"
  tag_key = "field"
  value_key = "value"

Description of MQTT-Topics
Most of the topics are float but some of them are strings, for example

Therefore the configuration produces errors like
E! [inputs.mqtt_consumer] Error in plugin: strconv.ParseFloat: parsing "OpenDTU-xxxxxx": invalid syntax

My idea is to simply drop these values because they aren´t needed. But I don´t know how to implement this!