Telegraf Kubernetes Plugin VolumeMetrics.pods.volume.capacityBytes number bigger than int64

Iam using Telegraf as Daemonset in my Kubernetes environment and for some reason it shows this error

[inputs.kubernetes] Error in plugin: Error parsing response: json: cannot unmarshal number 9223372036854775808 into Go struct field VolumeMetrics.pods.volume.capacityBytes of type int64

The Number is exatly one byte bigger than what int64 can handle so iam guessing it is a bug because we dont have volumes of this size.

Any insight where the error could lie would be much appreciated

This is my config

  collection_jitter = "0s"
  debug = false
  flush_interval = "10s"
  flush_jitter = "5s"
  hostname = "$HOSTNAME"
  interval = "10s"
  logfile = ""
  metric_batch_size = 1000
  metric_buffer_limit = 10000
  omit_hostname = false
  precision = ""
  quiet = true
  round_interval = true

  url = "https://$HOSTIP:10250"
  bearer_token = "/var/run/secrets/"
  insecure_skip_verify = true
  fieldpass = ["cpu_usage_nanocores"]

  urls = xxxx
  token = xxxx
  organization = xxxx
  bucket = xxxxx
  namepass =xxxxx

Hi @Cornelius-Liepelt, this sounds like a bug to me. Would you file an issue in the github repository (GitHub - influxdata/telegraf: The plugin-driven server agent for collecting & reporting metrics.) including what you said here as well as instructions on how to reproduce this error so a developer can look into it? Thanks!

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