Telegraf file not sending to second database (my first attempt at namepass)


I have my main telegraf.conf file in the default location of /etc/telegraf/ which is working well for all my custom telegraf files in /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d/

In telegraf.d I have a new .conf file which is this telkv3 -

I want to send these 3 metric to a separate database.

The file seems to test ok and come back with the right values, but the database seems empty:

sudo telegraf --test -config telkroutersv2.conf

2021-11-01T14:18:12Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.17.3

snmp,agent_host=,host=svr-grafana,routermake=Teltonika Telk-4GdBm=-71i,Telk-Uptime=5326041i,Telk-lightsensor=“1.76” 1635776293000000000

DB looks empty

show databases

name: databases





use oohroutersdb

Using database oohroutersdb

show measurements

I can see the the main telegraf databases is getting the metrics instead.

Any ideas?

namepass applies to the measurement name only, therefore only metrics with that specific measurement will be let through.

  urls = ["https://localhost:8086"]
  database = "routersdb"
  namepass = ["Telk-lightsensor","Telk-Uptime","Telk-4GdBm"]

for what I see you are trying to filter on fields, not measurement. to do so you may want to use fieldpass