Telegraf Agent - AWS Services Metrics

Hi Guys,

Im using the cloudwatch plugin to pull metrics from the various AWS services, RDS, Elasticache, ELB, ApplicationELB, S3 and EBS. The costs involved are quite steep for interval 5m’s > ratelimit 25 and then ofcourse quite a few metrics per Service. I do have a way to get the metrics for RDS and Elasticache Redis from the endpoints, any other suggestions on getting metrics from these AWS services but not using the cloudwatch plugin?

Hello @Frank7802,
I’m not sure I understand why you don’t want to use the cloudwatch plugin?
Can you explain it further? It costs money to write the data to an InfluxCloud account or query the metrics from cloudwatch?
You can use the http plugin:

I was using the cloudwatch plugin, collecting metrics GMD every 5mins, there are costs involved for getting metrics right.