Storing millions of unique ID's time-based

Hey all!
I want to use InfluxDB to store the views of many different pages (millions of unique pages). Each page got his own unique identifier (pageId) and some metadata eg.:
pageId : “12345xyc”
title: “MyTitle”
url: “MyUrl”
creationDate: “24.05.2022”
tenant: "

The key ( for search and count operations within a period) should be the pageId of course.
Currently i use a simple java-backend for this like:

        WriteApiBlocking writeApi = this.influxDBClient.getWriteApiBlocking();

        Point point = Point.measurement("pageview").addField("tenant_id", "default")
                .addTag("title", "MyTitle").addTag("url", "MyUrl")
                .addTag("referrer", "MyReferrer")
                .time(Date.toInstant(), WritePrecision.MS);


This doesn’t work as expected and is not performant (i try to use it with Grafana).
My question is now: What is the best way to store this views and the connected metadata (tags,measurement and fields) ?
Thank you very much!
Greetings Alex

Hi @Alex1996,
Welcome to the community :slight_smile:
So you have to consider the following about cardinality. Measurement + Tags = unique series. What I believe you have is runaway cardinality.

We might need to change pageID to field to reduce the impact on your system. Can you send me an example query you are trying to run?