Storing and querying counts on large boolean data sets with Grafana


I’m struggling to properly query and display boolean data in Grafana. My schema may be at fault.

Say I have 50,000 objects, let’s just use servers for an example, and I want to store a boolean value for each server, maybe something like is the server up to date with patches?

So once per day I query the servers and put the data into a measurement called servers that might look like:

tags: { ‘serial’ : ‘x1234’ }
fields: {‘patching_up_to_date’ : true }

I end up with a series for every server, I think this is ok, or at least necessary since I want to GROUP BY serial. Now I want to count the number of servers that are false, using their last known value No problem:

select count("last") from (select last("patching_up_to_date") FROM servers GROUP BY serial) WHERE "last" = false

name: servers
time count

0 2940

What I want to know is the percentage of servers that are false. I can have separate single stats to display the counts of true and false, but Grafana and Influx don’t seem to give me a way to combine these counts to calculate the percentage. What’s the best approach? Is there a complex join I could use to achieve this or do I need to do some SELECT INTO queries and then query against the rolled up metric?

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