Starting and stopping Influxdb 2.0

I have installed a Influxdb 2.0 on a Google Cloud Compute Engine, Debian - 9 - Strech.

I go into SSH and start the by typing “influxd” from the prompt, and it seesm that the database starts. I get access to the “localhost”:9999 port by using the Compute Engine external port. And get access to the WEB interface for Influx 2.0.

Are trying to use the WEB interface, and it is possible to navigate around. I have not imported any data yet, but are able to make buckets.

When I close down the SSH windows it seems like the Influx Database shuts down, and the WEB interface are not working.

I have a similar setup for a 1.7 Influx Database on a same Cloud Compute Engine, Debian - 9 - Strech. When I start up this database I can close down the SHH window, and the database are still running. In this version I am streaming time series data from a Homeautomation system (Z-WAY) with success.

Is there something worng I am doing when starting up the Influxdb 2.0 instance?


I use the following 2 commands for this:

sudo systemctl enable influxdb

sudo systemctl start influxdb

Hope it helps