Simple SELECT does no work

Hi Influxers,

At firt, I have to say : I’m a beginner giving his best.

I was trying to add some continuous query like those two
`CREATE CONTINUOUS QUERY “PercentRDY” ON “compute” BEGIN SELECT PERCENTILE(Value.cpu_ready_summation,20000) INTO “PercentRDY” FROM “cpu_ready_summation” GROUP BY time(1m) END

But apparently the first one do nothing, and the second one depend of the first one.

So I tried manually with some : SELECT "Value" FROM "CPU_READY_SUMMATION"
To be honest I tried almost everything for no result.

Just in case, here are some series :
cpu_ready_summation,datastore=VM-DATA,host=poc-esx01,instance=0,name=i-170317-lin-centos73-v1,network=VM\ Network,type=virtualmachine,vcenter=X.X.X.X
cpu_ready_summation,datastore=VM-DATA,host=poc-esx01,instance=0,name=test,network=VM\ Network,type=virtualmachine,vcenter=X.X.X.X
cpu_ready_summation,datastore=VM-DATA,host=poc-esx01,name=i-170317-lin-centos73-v1,network=VM\ Network,type=virtualmachine,vcenter=X.X.X.X
cpu_ready_summation,datastore=VM-DATA,host=poc-esx01,name=test,network=VM\ Network,type=virtualmachine,vcenter=X.X.X.X

Thank you in advance!

@Papallon Hello and welcome! Going to need some some more information to help you debug this. Can you show some example writes? I see some syntax there that is a little confusing. Value.<measurement> is not the right way to reference fields in InfluxDB. You would just use the field_key, in this case it looks like Value. Also please note that the database is case sensitive and your manual query would not pick up any of the points mentioned below.

@jackzampolin Thank you for your answer.

How can I call multiple fields in one request if they have all the same name : Value?

If I write SELECT datastore FROM cpu_ready_summation, the request return nothing.

Does that help? I’m sorry, I’m not able to put more than one picture per answer yet.

@Papallon is datastore a tag? You must include a field in your query to return data.

@jackzampolin I’m not sure if it’s a tag. I guess, regarding to the series.

Can you give me a request exemple?

@Papallon Running SHOW TAG KEYS and SHOW FIELD KEYS should clear that up pretty quickly. I suggest reading this article on our data format to help clear up questions like this.

@jackzampolin Ok, it’s a TAG, so how can I request it?

you can do select value from measurement where datastore=XXXX
or if you don’t want to limit the select based on the contents of datastore tag, you can limit it based on time.
select value from measurement where time >= xxxxxx and time <= xxxxx (or now())

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I did it! Thank you for your help!

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@Papallon Awesome! Glad you were able to get that going!