Simple query between two unknown Values

Hello, I have a probably simple question. But I’m kind of stuck with it.
As an example, I have 2 values ​​in a DB.
entry 1.) “14.09.2023 14:00” “on”
entry 2.) “14.09.2023 16:00” “off”
I don’t know these values, this is just an example.
Now I want to determine the value/state on the “14.09.2023 15:00”,
Whats the best way to do this.
Thank you

Hello @MHN7000,
Are you asking to perform some type of interpolation? I don’t see how you can interpolate a state either hmmm :confused:
If you don’t have a point on 14.09.2023 15:00 I don’t see a way to determine what the value is.

Can you maybe clarify a bit more please?