Sideload() to add custom tags to existing data?

I’m trying to add some custom tags to existing data using the sideload() function but I can’t seem to get it to work.

Sample simplified dataset :

hostname traffic_in traffic_out
Adevice 10 10
Bdevice 10 10
Cdevice 10 10

Adevice.yml :

carrier: ATT

Bdevice.yml :

carrier: Verizon

Tickscript :

dbrp “node_stats”.“autogen”

var data = batch
|query(‘SELECT * from “node_stats”.“autogen”.traffic’)

.tag(‘carrier’, ‘x’)


My understanding is when the hostname = hostname.yml file it should read it and add the carrier tag with the appropriate value.

Example :

hostname = Adevice
Adevice.yml is used
tag “carrier” is added with a value of “ATT”.

My measurement should now look like this :

hostname carrier traffic_in traffic_out
Adevice ATT 10 10

What I am getting is this :

hostname carrier traffic_in traffic_out
Adevice x 10 10

It is always selecting the default tag value (x) instead of the yml file value.

What am I missing here ?