Show tag values with key

Hello, I am struggling to parse data in db.
My initial idea is that I would like to parse specific names from name in example:

SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY ="name" WHERE "name" = ''

So it would pick just specific tags that have url with
Is there a way to tell that pick these urls which CONTAIN some string etc. ?

you can’t use SHOW TAGS in that way, it’s a command used to explore the schema, not to query data, and even if it worked it will just return literally name or nothing in case the values does not exist

Since that’s a tag (but it’s possible even for a field) you can use a plain SELECT and filter by it. or use a simple (useless but mandatory) aggregation like a COUNT and group by whatever tag you want

Hello @Giovanni_Luisotto I am not sure that SELECT statements work in grafana influxdb querrying?
I tried a few statements but so far only SHOW one’s work/display some data

@Giovanni_Luisotto for example this code returns specific key with string, but only one instance and only if it is matching same way:

SHOW TAG VALUES ON "k6" WITH KEY = "name" WHERE "name" = 'https://token/gettoken'

SELECT is what you usually use when querying data, I suggest you have a look at:

Grafana can run any valid query you write into it.

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Found out how to filter gotten data:
Tried regular expressions, what worked for me:

WHERE "name" =~ /google/