Shard group duration


The Shard Group Duration Recommendations from give the following guidelines:

We recommend configuring the shard group duration such that:
* it is two times your longest typical query’s time range
* each shard group has at least 100,000 points per shard group
* each shard group has at least 1,000 points per series

Our typical queries would be for longer than a day (several dashboards are set to 90 days). I can easily meet points 2 and 3 with a day of data, but how important is point 1? If I set the shard group duration to 1d but we typically run queries with a much longer duration will we run into trouble?



@Bill_Gunter I would suggest leaving the shard group durations (SGD) at the defaults. There are very few usecases where changing them makes sense. Setting the SGD to 1d and running longer term queries will force the database to open a large number of files. This can become problematic.

Thanks, I’ll leave it at a week.

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