Setting an alert when time series is static

Hi I am very new to this and am a newbie to coding as well. I have a time-series data set that moves constantly and I am using Grafana with it. I am trying to set an alert which goes off when the data is not moving (a constant flat line) for 5 minutes, basically you can think of it like the life-support machine in hospital.

Is it possible to do so on Grafana? I have struggled for a long time with this and would really appreciate if someone knows the solution. Much thanks!

hi @pete00067 , welcome to the community ,

in chronograf / kapacitor there is a deadman helper function …

I don’t know if Grafana has that option …

best regards ,

Hi Marc, thanks so much for the reply. I just read the deadman function but Per my understanding it only triggers when there is low throughput?

My problem is that my data is a consistent time-series data. Basically it monitors a stock and return its price every 10 seconds. I want to be alerted when the stock price remains the same for say 5minutes. So I am not sure if the deadman function works here as there will be consistent throughput even if the price doesnt move.

Much appreciated,