Send same points to multiple measurements?


I have an interest in pushing points that are received with a specific target measurement, to other measurements in parallel. I’m not really seeing a way to do it in Telegraf, other than maybe by using multiple database outputs using a routing tag and a name override on each output, but that seems a bit overkill as the output database will always be the same. Any other idea on how to do it in Telegraf?


Hey @voiprodrigo, I’m not really sure what you mean, can you show an example?

Hey Daniel, lets say Telegraf receives one point for measurement m1. I want to take that point and “clone” it twice while setting the measurement to m2 and m3 respectively. In the end I’d output 3 points to the database.

I can’t think of any way this could be done. As you were thinking, the only way to duplicate a metric is via multiple output plugins but the name_override and tags options are not available for outputs so you wouldn’t be able to modify the duplicates. Would be a great fit for an exec processor though, I’m hoping we can find the time to do this for 1.13.