"Schedule Every" for configuring InfluxDB alert checks

Hello all,

I am trying to configure an alert that will alert me when a given server (I am monitoring a set of VM’s on a host) CPU load is over 90% for at least 5 minutes. Would this be something I use the “Schedule Every” setting of the ‘Properties’ section when creating a ‘Check’ to set? The default is 1m but I don’t want it to check every one minute. I need to know if it’s at least 90% for 5 minutes in a row. How would one go about configuring such an alert?

Thanks so much!

Hello @breaker,
Yes the Schedule Every option will determine how often the check runs and also what your aggregation interval is for the “Define Query” step in check creation.

Thank you Anaisdg, do I need to use something else, such as Kapacitor in order to accomplish the type of alerting I am trying to do?

Hello @breaker,
Nope that seems like a pretty straightforward threshold check to me.
:slight_smile: Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.

How do you set such an alert? Like a “for a certain duration” condition?

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Hello @breaker,
You can use the stateDuration() function:

To learn about how to write custom checks, please check out InfluxDB’s Checks and Notifications System | InfluxData