Sample Data not reflecting what was loaded from text

I could not get my data to work well with Grafana / Influxdb so I downloaded the sample data and it does not seem to work as well with Grafana

The sample SQL given on the web site has one result and my result for time is all 0’s or odd

SELECT COUNT(water_level) FROM h2o_feet
name: h2o_feet
time count

0 15258

SELECT * FROM h2o_feet LIMIT 5
name: h2o_feet
time level description location water_level

1439856000000000000 between 6 and 9 feet coyote_creek 8.12
1439856000000000000 below 3 feet santa_monica 2.064
1439856360000000000 between 6 and 9 feet coyote_creek 8.005
1439856360000000000 below 3 feet santa_monica 2.116
1439856720000000000 between 6 and 9 feet coyote_creek 7.887

What is going on with the system ?

@telco5 I would suggest checking out the documentation. COUNT() is an aggregator query and will not return timestamps by default. if you want timestamps in the return I would suggest adding a GROUP BY time(duration).