Response time is slow for select queries


We have a measurement with around 11 million points. If I run a select query like

“select field1,field2,field3 from sample where tagname = 1 order by time desc”

it takes around 2 minutes to get back the result. All the 11million points are collected and stored on a single day with a shard duration of 6h. So roughly around 2.5 million entries in each shard per day.

I’m using Influx 1.5.2 version with disk based caching enabled. Any suggestion on how we can improve the query response time?

I do not want to add a time filter (like time > now() - 1h) as the users can run the query without the time filter as well.

Can anyone pls help me with this issue…

What is your series cardinality like?

Its around 11 million points…

The number of points is not the same as series cardinality. You can read a bit more about series cardinality in our documentation.