Resolved: Unable to parse authentication credentials

I keep getting the below error, but I can’t figure out what is causing it. How do I get more detail about which part of my config is causing this?

At the same time, I’m using the exact same config on other servers without errors… only difference between the two is Ubuntu 14 (working) vs Ubuntu 16 (not working).

It’s possible there’s some environmental change I need to make that I haven’t made, but I’m not sure what…

So how do I figure out what part of my telegraf config is causing this error?

2017-09-27T17:53:10Z E! Parse error; dropping points: Response Error: Status Code [401], expected [204], [unable to parse authentication credentials]

Using Telegraf v1.4.0


Nevermind… I think I figured this out…Sorry!

So what solution did you find?

Oh boy… that was a while ago… I’m pretty sure it was just a dumb typo or something in the telegraf password? Can’t remember exactly, but it was definitely something very dumb :slight_smile:

Thank you. Eventually I got it solved by uninstalling and re-installing :slight_smile: