Reset alert node state

I need to reset alert node state on such way that stateChangesOnly() will allow to spawn alert event.
For example:
if my task in in CRITICAL state i want to change it to OK and to see if it spawns critical on the next iteration.
Is it possible?

If I understand correctly, you’re asking if there is a way to manually reset the alert node state as soon as an alert has been triggered?

Have you considered removing .stateChangesOnly() from your Tickscript? If it is removed, the alert will trigger every time it’s run. For example, if the task’s state changes to CRITICAL, it will alert that state repeatedly on every iteration.

Hi, we have lots of alert tasks and every time alert is thrown we run exec script that sends events and some other data through rabbit on our system. We don’t want to create lots of traffic every minute that each task executes but it can be very helpful to reset state manually when needed.