Relay randomly stops writing, only relay restart helps


I have come across a weird issue only observed with Influxdb 1.3.5 and 1.3.6, I have not seen this issue with 1.3.2 and below.

Post upgrade of Influxdb to version 1.3.5 / 6 randomly the influx relay instance stops writing data and is unable to recover. Only a restart of the relay helps. After a restart, all works as expected.
I have not seen this issue with 1.3.2 and before.

Neither the relay logs nor the influxdb logs indicate any problem. In fact, the relay successfully writes to Kapacitor. Thus, indicating an issue with Influxdb.

Has anyone else seen this? Is a config change required for these db versions?


@rohankumbhar, please don’t necro old posts.

1.3.7 was released October of 2017. It is beyond. You should consider upgrading to a new version