Regex with NOT in TICK script where condition


I can use the regex in the where condition =~

Lets say I have condition where host matches anything starting with chelinflx , I can specify the condition lambda: “host” =~ /.chelinflx./

How should I specify if I want to consider host not equal to any host starting with chelinflx.


Try lambda: "host" !~ /.chelinflx./

Thanks Nate. If I have drive like anything after /mnt, Please guide how should I specify that.

To be more clear:

If I use the below condition , it does not work. I want to exclude all the disk mount points starting with /mnt
lambda: “path” !~ ‘/mnt./’

This should work:

lambda: "path" !~ /^\/mnt/

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Thank you Nate. It helped

Hi Can we add multiple path in same Lambda expression ???
like below

/^/app/ | ^\/var\/ /