Recovery Messages

Hi. Is there a way to set the recovery message? I’m receiving the same message as the alert in slack but with a green dot for recovery. Ideally I’d like to set a recovery message.

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Hi. Did you figure this out?
I have the same issue and it doesn’t look like something that was not thought through! May be, I am missing something.

HI, you can use the following

{{if eq .Level “OK”}} show your OK message {{else if .eq Level “WARNING”}} display the warning message {{else}} display critical message{{end}}

The order of the evaluations doesn’t really matter. so you could include the warning/critical messages first then as the final {{else}} part you can add the OK message.

The syntax might be slightly off. There is a topic covering this on here somewhere I’ll try and find some docs.

Hope that helps

Edit: Template syntax

Edit 2: String templates, just after example 8
Kapacitor Doc

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That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

No problem @niranjansm Glad it helped.

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